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Partner Condition

Partner Condition

Easy Branches Yachts

Why Listing with Our Partner Program

  • 1. Every Partner Yachts Listing gets a FREE Booking System on their own, customers can make booking directly from the website.
  • 2. Partners will get an individual Admin System for their listing, which they can manage the price for chartered based on period of their choice.
  • 3. Complete Functionality on each and every Partners Listing Page, including Full Search Function and Chartered Availability Check Calendar.
  • 4. Partners can request to add more functionality to their Yachts/Boats Listing page and we'll customised it based on their requirement.
  • 5. Partner can list for unlimited numbers of Yachts
  • 6. Partners Listing will be showing in first page.
  • 7. Full Functionality will be displayed on each and every Partners Listing Page, including Complete Search Function and Chartered Availability Check Calendar.
  • 8. Partners Listing will be given as top priority to show in first page.
  • 9. Top position on Internet with www.easybranches.pro
  • 10. A one stop master website supported by many dedicated individual category websites which containing one product line only.
  • 11. This is a High Quality Website in 269 countries and 165 currencies.
  • 12. Building Strong Online presence in Social Media networks for international audience.
  • 13. Supported by an established Social Media platform that has been established Worldwide since we develop it from the past 7 years by www.easybranches.com
  • 14. Continual upgrades and well maintain by an international staffs of web design, graphics designer and SEO specialists.
  • 15. An automatic chance for promoting Your Yacht in over 20 major languages at Global Business Directory www.easybranches.cc
  • 16. Guarantee to Promote the listings to Several Websites with high Page Rank and more than 10000 Targeted International Audience daily.
  • 17. Every new listing will be shared in our strong range of Major Social Networks Accounts, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Twitter Analytics, Google+ and Facebook.
  • 18. Higher chance for Listing Exposure in Major Search Engine with our unique SEO strategies.
  • 19. Now with our Promotion 1 Year for Free after this a one time payment price of only 299 Euro, You can enjoy ALL the above benefits as our listing partner.
  • 20. Partner will need to pay Easy Branches on commission based for All transactions, including selling or charter of Your boat which is being deal via this website.
  • 21. By Signing up into our partner program, You agreed with all the terms and condition above.
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