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Package Function Preview

Package Function Preview

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Preview Function » Export Calendar

Export your calendar to ICS File, Additional parameters can be added to the calendar URL to further specify the export data.
These options can be used to setup two way syncing other calendar without re-exporting imports and creating duplicate bookings
This option will only show check-in days, not the rest of the booking. For cut down on questions about listing availability

If you have 1 yacht for rental, and you what to join with another website, You only set the calendar on this function and export calendar, Save the time for update on block date. Just sync you have to do it. Will automatically change everywhere

See below for details of export calendar function:

Export Calendar

Export Calendar

Can I sync my Function Export Calendar with a master calendar from a different site?
Yes, You can sync calendars into other sites within support ICS file.
Why I sync my calendar with another calendar not show latest version?
Some website must to click "Sync calendar" and some website not click "Sync" can be show automatically latest update.
I must to import calendar every time on another site after I have made a change?
No, Only click Export Calendar from our website, and check another website must to click "Sync calendar" or not
After I have made a change on Block Date, I must to do Export Calendar?
What website can Sync my calendar?

To find your unique calendar link, follow the corresponding site below for step-by-step instructions:


Flipkey Export Calendar



Airbnb Export Calendar

Airbnb Export Calendar

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